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For Keeps

~ The wand chooses the wizard ~
Victoire should know; she carries two.  (Although, she might give one or both to understand what happened to Teddy while he was away.)    The thing is, Ollivander never mentioned what she might be chosen for.

1    Nothing Good Ever Came From a Long Eared Owl 
2    No Plan B
3    Gillyweed - If you think its bad the first time...
4    Its All fun and Games Until Someone Gets Summoned
5    Seven is So Not My Lucky Number
6    The Fine Art of Reciprocity is Dead
7    Where Do You Sweep Things If You Haven't Got a Rug?
8    The Princess is Far From Comfy   
9    Not Your Standard Muggle Event
10  Didn't Say I Wasn't Tempted
11  Adventures in Competitive Table Poaching
12  Just Bob, Bob, Bobbing Along
13  The Politics of Petting
14  Double, Double Dates and Trouble
15  The Brilliance of Footed Pyjamas
16  Wagging the Dog
17  The Allure of Other People's Drama
18  That Which Does Not Kill Us
19  It's Not Like I Haven't Seen It Before
20  Never Trust Superstitions Born From Excessive Time at Sea
21  Experience Doesn't Grade on a Curve
22  Home Is Where The Floo Is
23  Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory
24  Reindeer Games
25   Losing the Plot
26   Familiarity Breeds Attempt
27   Fear Is a Four Letter Word

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Harry Potter (except of course my personal copy of the books).  If you recognize the character or place, they belong to J K Rowling.  I'm just playing in her sandbox.

Rating:  Mature Teen
The occasional colorful word, college level situations, not everything is as it seems and crimes committed with the intent to harm.  I have actually been told that I'm not as mature as I think I am, but I'm sticking to the rating as said person may have been referring to more than just the writing.

For Keeps - Chapter 16

             Chapter 16: Wagging the DogCollapse )

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For Keeps - Chapter 14

                   Double, Double Dates and TroubleCollapse )

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For Keeps - Chapter 12

Meet Me At The Boys Club                     Chapter 12: Just Bob, Bob, Bobbing AlongCollapse )

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For Keeps - Chapter 10

                                  Chapter 10: Didn't Say I Wasn't TemptedCollapse )

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For Keeps - Chapter 9

KeepCalmCarryOn                   Chapter 9: Not Your Standard Muggle EventCollapse )

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For Keeps - Chapter 8

HatefulGlare                   Chapter 8: The Princess is Far From ComfyCollapse )

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For Keeps - Chapter 7

           Chapter 7: Where Do You Sweep Things If You Haven't Got a Rug?Collapse )

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For Keeps - Chapter 6

                    Chapter 6: The Fine Art of Reciprocity is DeadCollapse )

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For Keeps - Chapter 5

NotThatLucky                     Chapter 5:  Seven is So Not My Lucky NumberCollapse )

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For Keeps - Chapter 2

Friends Let Friends                       Chapter 2: No Plan BCollapse )

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I really should be playing less and writing more, but this was fun.   If you want to try it, check out www.wordle.net